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Hello! I am Valentina Sevilla, I am 22 years old and I have a degree in Art, specialized in graphic design; graduated from the Arturo Michelena University in Valencia, Venezuela.

I have experience in corporate identity design, especially in making logos for companies in different sectors; the development of art for all kinds of social networks such as posts, avatars and flyers. I also have the knowledge for gigantographic design, interior and exterior advertising. More recently, I have trained to have skills in UX/UI.

I am a professional with determination for the consolidation and achievements of projects, having excellence as a banner, with a constant desire for self-improvement; also having leadership qualities and characterizing aspects such as: order, discipline, creativity and professional ethics.

You can download my resume in the button below :)


Graphic Designer - Universidad "Arturo Michelena"

History, performing and plastic arts. Aesthetics. Aboriginal, Venezuelan and Latin American art. Artistic creation, art, theater and cinematography. Digital tools.

  • University community service: "Holding of a Drawing and Art Therapy workshop aimed at cancer patients and relatives of Funcamama"

  • Specialization: Graphic arts, brand design, study of semiology and shape.


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